Cms Customization

Our development team is highly skilled at CMS customization of popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, OS Commerce etc.

There are a variety of CMSs in the market. Some are free, open source and have millions of users, like WordPress and have a big feature set. Others have much smaller user base and have a more focused set of features. But depending on what our clients need, we have developed capabilities to work with different kind of CMSs. At present, most of our CMS work is done on

Our Customized CMS Development Services include:

  • Custom CMS Development and Integration
  • Custom CMS Themes and Layouts
  • Developing Web Pages with CSS, HTML and JavaScript applications
  • Layout Designing, Custom Programming and Testing CMS Functionality
  • Installation of Plug-ins and Add-ons
  • Integration of enhanced Security Controls
  • Seamless Integration with other Applications
  • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor or Customized Editor for simplifying Content Writing and Publishing
  • Fully browser based User Interface and Configurable Editors for organized Content

We Offer :

  • Customization of WordPress
  • Customization of Magento
  • Customization of Joomla
  • Customization of OS COMMERCE
  • Customization of Open Cart
  • Customization of PunBB, MyBB, PHPBB, VBULLETIN